Sponsorship at Mohler
A vital revenue source for the Mohler Center is our sponsorship program,
designed to allow local organizations to support the center and it's programs each year.

In 2015 our sponsorship program brought in $12,000
accounting for 5% of our operating costs.

Our sponsors allow us to offer a wide variety of programs and special opportunities to our members.
A big thank you to all the local organizations that help us make the Mohler Center a better place
for seniors to get involved.


What are the benefits of being a Sponsor?

-Direct advertising to your target market
-On site marketing opportunities
-Newsletter advertising seen by over 1000 local adults
-Mention in promotional material
-Specialized website advertising

 For more information on all of the opportunities in sponsorship...
please e-mail Melissa at mmweigle@mohlerseniorcenter.com

call the office at (717) 533-2002.
*Sponsorship packets available upon request by e-mail or mail.