Our Beginnings and Rich Past
 One of our many entertainers that come to MohlerServing meals to all of our membersWorking out and having fun!

What is the Mohler Center?
The Mohler Center is an independent, non-profit organization which strives to make a positive
difference in the lives of any person in the greater Hershey area who is 50 years or older.
We provide a wide range of physical exercise opportunities, games, travel, educational courses, and
social and volunteer opportunities in a pleasant, safe, and welcoming atmosphere.
Our goal is to ensure that older citizens can stay physically active, mentally stimulated, and
independent for as long as possible.

How did we get started?
In the 1980's a group of seniors expressed interest in supplementing the once monthly meeting of the local AARP chapter that had long provided excellent but limited opportunities in the area for seniors.
When first organized in 1983, the center utilized two rooms above the Hershey Public Library. With continuing growth in members and activities, the Center moved in 1987 to Overview Manor, a
former Milton Hershey School student home. Then in January of 1998, we moved to our present
location on the eastern edge of the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center campus.

Knitters making donated hats
One of our doll makersVolunteer appreciation

Who was the center named in honor of?
Our Center was named in honor of Harold and Melda Mohler.  Mr. Mohler was one of the major driving forces in the launch of our new center and its programs in 1983, providing us with a great deal of support and quality leadership.

In Honor of Mr. Mohler


Our center opening its doors in 1987, at Overview Manor.
Pictured is the oldest member of Derry Township and Mohler representatives, tearing down a sheet of paper with the centers goals to symbolize opening our doors to the community.
official opening


2 year anniversary Here our center celebrates its second anniversary in 1989, all made possible with dedicated volunteers and their time.



In the Spring of 1997 on the east side of the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Campus, members of the Medical Center and Mohler Center representatives break ground to begin construction on our new home.

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we are located.
Mohler Center Groundbreaking