Terrific staff and involved members
"Mohler offers great trips, classes, and speakers to stimulate the mind and body, but most of
all has a terrific staff and involved members that make the Mohler Center unique.
~Jene Wertz

People reaching out to help

"The center has many opportunities for us to grow as human beings;
the socialization and the many community outreach opportunities that
exist there are perfect examples of people reaching out to help. I never
cease to be amazed at the generosity of it's members, and the way it
pulls together to help each other through a crisis, whatever it may be."
~Sandy Cappelli

Extraordinary activities

Where else can you find such extraordinary activities? For some years we have gone here
and enjoyed all it offers. When you are down you get encouragement, and when
you are happy you pass your joy to others. We are blessed to be a part of the Mohler Center.

~Willie and Bea Gyger

Meet friends for activities and conversation
"It's a great place to meet friends for many activities and
conversation. I'd be really lost if I didn't have the Mohler
Center to enjoy."
~Carmen Chango