Fitness and Exercise
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 Tuesday & Thursday at 10:05 am

This low intensity DVD aerobic workout combines chair exercise, weights and  standing exercise.
The pace is set by the video instructor that guides you through the workout and gives you safety tips throughout. The program is specifically designed for beginners, deconditioned exercisers, or those looking for a low exertion form of exercise in a fun and relaxed group setting.



Exercise Class

Mondays at 8:15 am
Wednesday at 4:00 pm
Friday at 8:15 am

Kim Eichinger, a licensed FLEX Instructor with 33 years of experience, brings this wonderful class to Mohler.
The Silver Sneakers class meets three times a week and focuses on strength, balance,
and range of motion, featuring the use of
resistance tubes, OsteoBalls, and weights for a variety of exercises!



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Tuesday at 9:00 am
Thursday at 1:00 pm

 Join us as we utilize slow fluid movements in this traditional Chinese discipline. This beneficial form of exercise helps promote a healthy mind and body in a relaxing, stress free atmosphere. The laid-back program was developed
specifically for adults over 50 and is sincerely enjoyed and valued by those who participate.



Monday & Friday at 9:15 am

This low impact weight training allows you to tone and strengthen your muscles safely and is geared toward the older adult. This instructor-lead class consists of two 15 minute increments of weight repetition to achieve an ideal workout time. The weights recommended for this class range from 1 to 5 pounds and are provided for you at the center.

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Tuesday & Thursday at 9:00 am

Our yoga program encourages participants to focus on the physical and mental disciplines in Yoga that originated
from India. The goal of each class is to maintain a methodical slow-paced exercise in a relaxing atmosphere. Participants are asked to clear their minds and begin to see the benefits of this unique discipline. Mats are provided for each
student that participates.